This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under agreement No 945275

The H2020 PASTELS project final syposium












The H2020 PASTELS project hosted its Final Symposium on May 23rd-24th, 2024 at EDF Lab Paris-Saclay, France

The PASTELS Final Symposium, as the final event of the project, presented the results of the project and its perspectives after 4 years of work.

Presentations of the Final Symposium are available below and agenda is available here.

Day 1 - 23rd May, 2024

General overview of the project (Objectives, DoA) - M. MONTOUT (Project coordinator/EDF)

Review of the PASTELS project (Communication/Media) - A. VIOLET, M. VERNET (ARTTIC)

Overview of activities on CET and SET - C. HERER (IRSN), M. POLIDORI (ENEA), A. KECEK (UJV)

Overview of activities on SACO - S. SCHOLLENBERGER (FRA), I. GOMEZ (CEA)

Overview of activities on CWC - J. TELKKA (LUT), F. DAVID (EDF)

Methodologies and guidelines for validation and use of numerical tools - M. BUCK (USTUTT)

Round tables #1: Roadmap for passive systems in future reactors?

Round tables #2: Maturity of numerical tools for demonstrating the safety of passive systems?

New projects - EASY-SMR, OECD SYSTHER project proposal - N. SOBECKI (EDF), V. RIIKONEN (LUT)

Day 2 - 24th May, 2024

European Thermal Hydraulics Community (ETHC) - Pierre Ruyer (IRSN)

HERO2 description of the simulations (TH system and cfd codes) and results - M. POLIDORI (ENEA), L. VYSKOCIL (UJV)

PERSEO description of the simulations (TH system and cfd codes) and results - M. POLIDORI (ENEA), A. KECEK (UJV), L. VYSKOCIL (UJV)

HERO2 & PERSEO Propagation of uncertainties  - M. BUCK (USTUTT)

PASI calculations with RELAP5 - M. POLIDORI (ENEA)

PASI calculations with CATHARE - I. GOMEZ (CEA)

PASI calculations with CATHARE - P. DENE (EDF)

PASI calculations with TRACE - O. AL-YAHIA (PSI)

PASI calculations with ATHLET - A. WIELENBERG (GRS)

PASI calculations with ATHLET and MELCOR - A. KECEK (UJV)

Alliance SMR - A. AL MAZOUZI (EDF)

  • Coming soon.

Summary of CATHARE-3 numerical activities - M. VERNASSIERE (CEA), E. GARCIA (EDF), M. POLIDORI (ENEA)

Summary of ATHLET numerical activities - A. WIELENBERG, S. BUCHOLZ (GRS)

Summary of TRACE numerical activities - O. AL-YAHIA (PSI)

Summary of RELAP-5 numerical activities - M.POLIDORI (ENEA), L. VYSKOCIL (UJV)

Summary of neptune_cfd activities - N. SOBECKI (EDF)

General conclusion - M. MONTOUT (EDF)