This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under agreement No 945275


GRS is a scientific-technical expert and research organisation. It provides interdisciplinary knowledge, advanced methods and qualified data for assessing and improving the safety of technical facilities and for further developing the protection of man and the environment form the technical hazards and risks involved in such facilities. GRS activities are mainly focused on the area of nuclear safety and waste management, where it is Germany´s leading expert institution and the main technical support organisation to the federal government of Germany on nuclear safety and research. GRS is a founding member of the European TSO network (ETSON), and a member of NUGENIA and ESReDA. Via GRS’ subsidiary RISKAUDIT, jointly owned with IRSN, GRS’ experts support several international regulatory authorities and TSOs in projects financed by the European Commission or other international institutions.

Role in the project

The main contribution of GRS is in WP3 to the final design of the SACO for the PKL test facility, initial pre-test calculations with AC² (ATHLET) to define boundary and test conditions and contribute to the numerical analyses and the code benchmark. Furthermore, GRS contributes to WP4 with a report on the pre- and post-test calculation of one test at the PASI facility with AC². As developer of the AC² code and due to its continuous involvement in the PKL project with pre- and post-test calculation, GRS is uniquely placed to support FRA-G in the final design of the SACO for the PKL test facility and the definition of boundary and initial conditions.